Poker websites with the best rakeback

If you play online poker with real money, you pay rake – the amount the poker website takes out of the pot for each hand. Individually, these are usually relatively small amounts, but they do add up.

To give the customer the best incentive to play more, most providers have an internal rakeback programme. Rakeback means nothing other than that the player gets a part of the rake paid back from the poker website. This usually works in the form of a points system. Depending on how much rake the player has paid, he gets “loyalty points” (each poker room has its own name for these points), and these loyalty points can later be redeemed for cash.

Often, the player can also exchange these loyalty points for tournament tickets or goods from the shop (baseball cap, T-shirt, etc.). Speaking of tournaments: here, too, a “rake” is paid – e.g. the buy-in is usually stated as $10+$1. The smaller amount of $1 is “for the house”, but in poker jargon this is not called rake, but “juice”. For the rakeback, however, this “juice” is also taken into account on the vast majority of poker websites.

Tip: Poker websites that take more than 10% of the buy-in as juice are best avoided from the outset!

How much rakeback do I get?

The amount of rakeback depends on various factors. Usually the poker website has a “progressive” points system. If you play more, you get a higher status (e.g. bronze/silver/gold/platinum), and you get a higher percentage of the rake back depending on your status. In other words, there are more loyalty points to earn per dollar of rake if you already have a higher status.

What is the difference between external and internal rakeback?

Well, there was a time when players signed up with the poker room through a special external rakeback provider. The poker room would give the rakeback site the information about the rake paid by the player and the site would then pay the rakeback to the player. Nowadays, however, the vast majority of poker rooms no longer give out the information about the rake paid to third parties, but offer their own internal rakeback programme – via the loyalty points.

What is actually going on with the new customer bonus?

The bonus for new customers is also a kind of rakeback, but only limited in time and maximum amount. You can find out who offers the best bonuses at www.best-poker-bonuscode.com. The actual rakeback, on the other hand, is given to the player permanently as long as he plays for money.

So which poker website offers the best rakeback?

We test the best poker websites for you and give you detailed information about the various rakeback programmes, points system, etc.